Following on from one of my previous posts, Back to Work, I touched on the topic that your extrovert partner needs time too. Extroverts regain energy faster when they are in social gatherings, enjoying the stimulation of a conversation, the buzz of a crowd and feeling gratified by being in a  group. 

They also need to have some alone time too – just in smaller doses than you.

Doing short errands is a great way of easing the burden and allowing your extrovert to have some space. From newborn to toddler, we all need a little breather to unwind and relax.
Offering to do the grocery shopping with your child will no doubt please her. You can also offer to take the little one for a walk if you’re both desperate to have them sleep for a while.


Photo Credit: Yohanes Sanjaya

Activities like shopping or taking a walk around the park can be therapeutic and relaxing for you, baby and your partner. (It might also work in your favour, the next time you feel like you want a little time to do something you enjoy).

If you’re feeling really brave too, then surprise your partner by arranging something with her friends like a spa day, a cinema trip or even a coffee with a best friend. It will give her some social time, recharging her batteries, while also allowing you to be alone with baby.

When my partner is out, I like to spend time just playing with my son, but will also factor in a nap or bedtime too, so that I can also enjoy some time to read a book, do some work or just lie back with some music on. Everybody wins!