IntroDad is a blog about fatherhood; written by introverts, suitable for anyone.

Becoming a parent is a journey of change, compromise, and increased social activity. For introverts, that can prove to be just as much of a challenge as parenthood itself. Some of an introvert’s key strengths – caution, reflection, and the value of solitude – are thoroughly tested by the unpredictable adventure of caring for a precious new life.

But with those challenges come lessons and experiences that any new dad might find helpful. IntroDad is a way to share those stories, along with a personal perspective on fatherhood.

Want to know more about introverts? Check out this great TED talk by Susan Cain.

While his wife was expecting their first child in 2014, Pete Gale discussed the idea for IntroDad idea with friend (and fellow introvert) Andrew Gordon, who had also become a new parent the previous year. Together they decided to write about awkward moments, geek culture, and the ongoing journey to try and be a great parent… without having to talk to everyone!